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About Our Company

PH2Go is a certified translation provided. We are based in Bulacan, Philippines. PH2GO is dedicated to focus on certified translations of legal and personal documents only.

Since 2014, we have translated over 1000 documents with hundreds of client applying for their loans or visa.

We are dedicated to provide certified translation of you documents like:

?? Personal & Legal Documents: Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, Medical Certificate, Death Certificate, Medical Prescription, Driving License, Passport, Police Clearance Certificate, Agreement/ Contract etc.
?? Legal Deeds: Adoption deeds, Sales deed, Lease Agreement, Insurance-related deeds, etc.
?? Academic Documents: Experience letter & certificate, School Certificates, Mark-sheets, Transcripts, Diplomas, Degrees etc.
?? Business Documents: Company registration certificate, Quotation, RFPs, Annual reports, Tender documents, Policies, Business License etc.
?? Other Documents: Payslips, Utility bills, Bank statements, and any other document required certified translation.

Our translations are valid for purposes like:

?? For submission in court/legal authorities
?? For Visa/Immigration application
?? For admission in any institution abroad
?? or any other international purpose

We have a complete online process for any of your needs irrespective of your city, province, or place. Soft Copies are delivered to you through email while Hard Copies are delivered to your address at no additional cost*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

More about us

Ph2Go provides translation of legal documents from Japanese-to-English and vice versa. Other foreign languages will be available soon.

We provide a Letter of Certified Translation that bears our seal to guarantee the accuracy of our output.

Our translation package proves to be the best in the country as it includes proofreading and editing services as well as basic desktop publishing services.

We deliver quality documents translated by humans and not machines.

Our expertise